20 Things to do to it with the architecture

  1. Align it.
  2. Simplify it.
  3. Order it.
  4. Place it on axis with it.
  5. Remove the barrier between the interior and the exterior of it.
  6. Repeat it.
  7. Repeat it.
  8. Refer to that thing that someone else did to it sometime before in Norway, probably.
  9. Establish a datum line through it.
  10. Make a half-hearted and somewhat esoteric reference to the context in which it exists.
  11. Note the direction of the sun in relation to it.
  12. Put a sun shade on the south-facing elevation of it.
  13. Remind us of what Le Corbusier did to it, preferably while using the words “Brise Soleil”
  14. Paint it white.
  15. Explain it while using large words without sounding too condescending.
  16. Waterproof the hell out of it.
  17. Allow it’s roof to leak, because that’s what Frank Lloyd Wright would do.
  18. Remove all the furniture from it.
  19. Publish a photograph of what you did to it.
  20. Make it stand for something, It doesn’t really matter what,┬ájust something… anything


Model of Villa Shondan designed by Le Corbusier – HERE

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