An Architect by any other name

I’m an Architect.

I am not a systems Architect, a computer Architect, a software Architect, a technical architect, a web architect, an R&D processor Architect, an IT systems application Architect, an infrastructure management Architect, an information management design Architect, or a HTML XML C++ LINUX enabled Programmer/Architect.

I am not the the Architect of the 2000 Republican election strategy, or the Architect of Obama’s 2009 economic development plan, or the Architect of the 2013 earned income tax credit reform act, or the Architect of the House ways and means committee’s assessment of the migratory flight patterns of the western white tailed barn swallow.

No, damn it.

I am an Architect.

I mean the “real” kind. You know, the “Architect” that makes the drawings and designs, and details, and such for buildings, and things, including (but not limited to): Airports, Skyscrapers, Hospitals, Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, Retail shops, Schools, Malls, Mini Malls, Strip Malls, Office buildings, Restaurants, Funeral Homes, Warehouses, coffee shops, Fire Stations, Museums, Arenas, Stadiums, Convenient stores, gas stations, vehicle service centers, banks, drive-thru beverage centers, and anything using one or more shipping containers.

I am an Architect.

“The” Architect

The architect of my own demise, granted.



That photo NOT of an architect was used under the creative commons license and can be found HERE.

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