The #architectvalentines summary – 2013

Best Valentines day EVAR.



The last few days have been spectacular. Architects and designers all over the twittersphere have twittered their affection, and it was good. Feel free to search for #architectvalentines to enjoy the love for yourself. In the meantime, here’s a few of my favorites. I may have gotten out of hand:

“love” (minimalist architect valentine) – @jodybrownarch

“My love for you is not to scale.” – @jodybrownarch

“We should do some place making…out.” – @jodybrownarch

“They have finally issued the building permit for our love.” – @jodybrownarch

“Your love meets or exceeds my specifications.” – @jodybrownarch

“Your love is all the reinforcement I need.” – @jodybrownarch

“Girl, I could gaze into your conceptual-eyes all night.” – @jodybrownarch

“Your submittal of affection has been approved as noted.” – @jodybrownarch

“You’ve drawn me to you.” – @jodybrownarch

“Be stainless steel my heart.” – @jodybrownarch

“You are the boundary to my hatch.” – @jodybrownarch

“I know we just started datum, but, I feel like we have something spatial.” – @jodybrownarch

“You center me.” – @jodybrownarch

“I know she’s not good for me, but I just cantilever.” – @jodybrownarch

“You have filled the interstitial spaces… of my heart.” – @jodybrownarch

“Xoxoxref” – @jodybrownarch

“Two little architects symmetry, k.i.s.s.i.n.g.” – @jodybrownarch

“Less is more. Love is more.” – @jodybrownarch

“We should build a Revit family together.” – @jodybrownarch

“Will you B.I.M.y valentine?” – @jodybrownarch

“Before I met you I was pre-stressed, but now I’m post-tensioned” – @jodybrownarch

“Those aren’t louvers on the curtainwalls; those are “lovers”. – @jodybrownarch

“I have issued you a certificate of occupancy… for my heart.” – @jodybrownarch

“I love me.” – @jodybrownarch

“You are the order to my plan.” – @jodybrownarch

“You peel away my veneer to reveal the structure of my heart.” – @jodybrownarch

“Shall I compare thee to a structural grid? Thou art more temperate and less rigid.” – @jodybrownarch

“We should be aligned.” – @jodybrownarch

“You should get a LEED point for being located so close to me.” – @jodybrownarch

“You are the only thing in my life that doesn’t need to be ordered” – @jodybrownarch

“Hey girl, I’ve got designs on you.” – @jodybrownarch

♬..I Kahn be your Eero, baby.. ♬ – @anthonylingwood

Tell me that you love Mies. – @architectmag

You are so Wright for me. – @architectmag

You’ve got my Holl heart. – @architectmag

Kahn I have this dance? – @architectmag

If only I Hadid you in my life… @architectmag

Loving you Hertzog so good. @architectmag

You Ando me belong together. – @architectmag

You Stoller my heart. – @architectmag

Be my Mayne man. – @architectmag

You’re Wright, I don’t ever want to Loos you – @SurfaceMag

I’ll give Meier Holl heart to you. – @SurfaceMag

There is no column-free space large enough too hold my love for you. – @alekbabel

There is no “Or Approved Equal” when it comes to your love – @archy_type

I take “No Exceptions” to your love. – @archy_type

No foundation is deep enough to support my love for you. – @archy_type

You’ve submitted a change order on my heart. – @archy_type

“Baby, you’ve got the keystone my heart.”  – @simonong

“Baby, I know we’re far apart. Buttress assured, my heart’s cladded width your love.” – @simonong

“Truss me, I’m yours.” – @simonong

“Do UCS together in the future? I Do.” – @simonong

“Honey, I louvre you” – @simonong

“Hey girl, There’s nothing more beautiful than your stylus on top of my stylobate.” – @EvolvingCritic

“You mean the world Tschumi” – @EdemSays

Maby loving you is crime, but i don’t want to Loos you. 🙂 – @SanjaTheElusive

You are the contours to my grading plan – @SasakiDesign

Will you be my next case study? – @NJLeitereg

I Siza you lookin’ at me – @llbarch

“My love for you has no equal. No substitutions will be considered” – @PaulDGerber

You’re so perfect- you’ll never be on my punch list. – @AnimalArtsArch

Every day is a parti with you. – @BradTapson

I’ve got big plans for tonight – @TimJWhitcombe

To me, you’re one in a mullion… @TimJWhitcombe

“My life is Fuller with you in it” – @seandburke

Having you insulates my cavity wall..  – @ArchRye

You are my bearing wall. – @ridsang

At first I thought you were acute, then after a 2 point perspective i realized you were the right angle to take  – @Archncik

I don’t care what the Scale says, I love your French Curves – @raybowman

You’re the woman of my dr-Eames – @raybowman

You’re my one Ando-nly – @raybowman

I hope those pants are fire rated, because you are smokin’ – @raybowman

You’re my F1 and only. – @EBArchDesign

You mean the world tschumi. – @imjamesbrown

You make me want to be a better CAD – @davidbockman


Love you guys,



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