Day 5 – Arne Jacobsen


For day five of architecture week, I take a look at the work of Arne Jacobsen. Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) was a Danish modernist architect. Probably better known for his furniture design today, but his architecture was just incredible. Actually, I had never heard of him until a few years ago, and now I feel like an idiot for taking so long to discover a true modern genius.

Enjoy a few of Arne’s projects (I call him “Arne” because we’re tight now)



The projects featured in the gallery are:

aarhus town hall, aarhus, denmark, 1937-1942

Søholm I, klampenborg, 1946-1950

bellavista housing, klampenborg, 1931-1934

texaco gas station, skovshoved, denmark

life guard tower, klampenborg, denmark

a. jespersen og søn, nyropsgade, copenhagen, 1952-1955

stellings hus, gammeltorv, copenhagen, 1934-1937

national bank of denmark, copenhagen, 1961-1978

alléhusene housing, jægersborg allé, gentofte, 1949-1953

rødovre library, 1961-1969

odden smokehouse, odden, denmark 1943

villa rüthwen-jürgensen, skodsborg strandvej 300, skodsborg, denmark 1953-1956

almegaarden farmhouse, lumsås, denmark 1951-1953

nyager school, rødovre, copenhagen denmark 1959-1964

villa sørensen, nordre strandvej 53B, elsinore, denmark 1935

ibstrupparken housing, first stage, gentofte, denmark 1941

round house for leo henriksen, 1956

novo industri, copenhagen, denmark, 1954-55

st. catherine’s college, oxford, england 1959-1964

All the photos are from Seier+Seier’s photostream on Flickr and have been used under the creative commons license. Original images can be found HERE.