Day 4 – Louis Kahn’s Stairs


For day four of architecture week, I take a look at the stairs of Louis Kahn. Specifically, the stair within the Yale University Art Gallery and the Center for British Arts in New Haven, CT. These buildings are just across the street from each other in New Haven. This is one of Louis Kahn’s first buildings and one of his last, right across from each other. In the mid 1990s, I lived in New Haven for 8 months while my wife had an internship at Yale. And, my office was just around the corner from these two museums. I must have walked up these stairs a hundred times while I was there. The Yale museum stair is a miraculous thing. Seriously miraculous….




Photo credits:

The stair plans were drawn by me.

All photos are from FLICKR and have been used under creative commons license. All links are below:

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