We have a winner!

Last week’s giveaway was a success! And, this morning I fired up the random number generator to pick a winner from the comment section, and the winner is the uber fabulous Genie Bae!  (aka @EBArchDesign). I swear the results were completely random and had nothing to do with the sublime snarkiness contained in her comment. I swear. Anyway…, there’s more good news; I had an anonymous donor step up to pitch in a few dollars, so Genie will be receiving a check for $120 to help with her expenses at the American Institute of Architects 2012 convention. And of course, the AIA will be providing a giftbag for her with assorted goodies from the AIA bookstore, because they are awesome.

Congrats Genie! Can’t wait to see you in DC!

And finally, to commemorate the success of the first Coffee with an Architect giveaway, I’ve added a special shirt to the shop. The amazing ModernSauce tweeted an alternative meaning for “AIA” and it was just too fabulous not to put on a shirt. I expect us to all be wearing these in DC. Get yours HERE.




FYI – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) national convention will be in Washington DC this year, from May 17-19. This year’s theme will be “Design Connects”. If you haven’t signed up yet you can find out how HERE.