2012, New Plan


Hey Architecture,

Let’s be honest, 2011 could have gone better. For me, the wind came out of my sails somewhere around June (or February, whatever…) I did not do the best work of my career in 2011. I didn’t define the character of my generation in elegantly proportioned board-formed concrete, mainly because I was exhausted. Somehow, my highly held ideals seemed beside the point in 2011, so, I put them down for a while, and decided to feed my family instead. My work in 2011 was not the most innovative of my career, to say the least. Except for the restroom addition I just finished, that was epic. In 2011, I could have been the poster boy for the recession, or the new normal, or whatever they’re calling it now.

In 2011, I put my passion aside, lowered my head, and pushed forward.

But, it turns out that that passion I put aside… I might have needed that. My belief that what I’m doing has value, my belief in my ability to improve the world, my belief in my own talent, my enthusiasm for design, my desire to share, my hope for…

It turns out that I needed that in 2011

So, screw 2011, it’s 2012 now… new plan:

Architecture, allow me to take a minute to collect my thoughts, to re-evaluate my priorities, and re-calibrate. In 2012:

I’ll create

I’ll inspire

I’ll listen

I’ll learn

I’ll share what I believe, or what I’ve always known, or what I’ve just learned, and what I love the most with everyone who’ll listen.

I think I’ll pick up that passion that I left aside last year, and use it to kick 2012 in the ass. Who’s with me?

Jody { coffee with an architect }




photos from Doha Sam’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)



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