A few things that make Architecture difficult if not impossible

A few things that make Architecture difficult if not impossible:

An overwhelming lack of interest in you and/or your work.

After working all day on the same detail, you suddenly realize you forgot that they turned off the power this morning, plus, you haven’t eaten, and you’re homeless.

Your client is a giant baby. (not metaphorically – actually a giant baby).

You’re thinking about the fact that you’re billing the client for your services.

Your client is aware that you are billing him/her for your services.

It’s Tuesday.

All your interns are wearing bear suits.

Shipping containers.

Dwell Magazine.

Girls scout cookies, not all of them, mostly just the thin mints. Where did I put those?


Stupid show-offs like Bjarke Ingels or Steve Jobs.

The new Bon Iver album, specifically the Bonnie Raitt cover.

Gary Busey is staring at you and licking his lips.

Turns out, “Architecture” is a figment of your imagination, just like a giant baby.

Your ideals and your ideas are similar, but not really similar enough.

Someone just asked for more curves and a “soft” color pallete, twice.

Daylight savings angst.

Your complete lack of talent.

The ongoing instability in the Middle-East and regulatory resistrictions on drilling for hierarchy in the Gulf of Mexico.

And, of course, “Architects”



photos from Lights and Lines’ photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)