Architect or Zombie?


His skin has a pale grey hue under these lights.

He is weary but unable to sleep.

His breath smells terrible.

He has Nick Nolte hair.

Today he stood in front of a small disinterested crowd, slowly waving his arms while mumbling.

He is unemotional, showing little concern for the needs of others.

He is in a state of decay; mobile, but technically dead.

He moves slowly; without any visible sense of direction, as if slightly drunk.

He does not know his way around a shopping mall.

He is completely unintelligible, to most people.

He moves towards a goal with a steady and relentless consistency.

He spends most of his time with his own kind.

He has left small pieces of himself behind in each building he’s passed through.



photos are from phill.d’s photostream on flickr (used under creative commons license)