I need an Architectural pep talk

It’s official. I have angsted myself into a corner.

I am in need of some inspiration. It doesn’t need to be Architectural inspiration, because that can be a little…. (what’s a nice way to say self indulgent?) nevermind. I’m drained. Maybe it’s the consistent blaring of sirens coming from the stock market. Maybe my arms are getting sore from digging this hole that I’m throwing my kid’s college money into. Maybe, I’m just depressed because the Next Food Network Star is over and the Sandwich King reminds me of my 2nd year design studio professor that smelled like bacon. But, lately, I feel like Architecture is interfering with my ability to forget that the world doesn’t suck. I need a pick me up (that doesn’t come with a cork).

And what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t leverage it to make yourself feel better about the fact that you have a blog that makes you feel like people are there who, if properly persuaded, could make you feel like a… what was I saying? – (I totally lost my train of angst there)

It’s probably the bacon.

What I’m saying is, I need an Architectural Pep Talk people, STAT.

I mean, this is the best I can come up with:

I’m just an Architect, standing in front of an ideology, asking it to love me

And that’s just a little creepy. Give me something better? Like:

I’m an Architect who’s kicking in heads like zombie brains

No that’s still creepy…

My Architecture is Happy Shiny Fun Time now

See what I mean? I’m broken… How about:

How do you confuse an Architect? … Wear green and throw forks at him

Ok, that’s funny… But, it’s not inspiring me to greater things. It’s not refueling my passion for the profession. All the angst is interfering with the awesome. And, I miss the awesome.

Help me out people.

Add your Architectural Pep Talk and/or inspirational quote in the comment section down there. I’ll collect them, analyze them, sort them by frequency of the letter “a” (or whatever).

If you come up with a quote that reminds me how Awesome Architecture can be, and how amazing it is that we “are anything” at all really, I’ll send you bacon…

or, a t-shirt.

Bring the awesome,





photos of awesome are from alphasiafilms’ photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)