Cats do not care about Modern Architecture


Has it been 12 hours? Really? I spent all day by the floor to ceiling glass wall and watched a sparrow build a nest in the River Oak by the pond. Then I threw up a white hair-ball on the terrazzo floor.

Yes, I heard what you said about “servant” and “served” spaces. I understand that my litter box is technically a “servant” space. Of course it should be tucked behind the dryer in the “core” element of the house. Of course it should. How about you move it closer to the window? Until then, I’m going to pee on this Barcelona chair.

I have a strong suspicion that you “rescued” me from the County animal shelter largely based on the fact that my fur matches the chaise lounge.

I’ll just lay here a moment. Have you tried to walk across travertine marble with fur covered paws?

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Stupid wasp, it’s a glass wall, just clear off…

Don’t look up, don’t look up…just keep licking your leg, don’t make eye contact. No, my name is not “Ledoux” stop calling me that, you stupid hipster modernist. Mr. Fluffenstein is not amused.

I guess it could be worse, my old cell-mate Fat Tony was “adopted” by Hipsters up in the East Village. He wears a bandana now and goes by the name “Manson” I miss Fat Tony. He always smelled like dead birds and desolation.

Hey, thanks for de-clawing me and then surrounding me with polished stone surfaces. The coolness of this flooring distracts me from my inability to scratch your eyes out.

Yesterday you forgot to put food in my stainless steel bowl. It took me 4 hours, but I managed to push one of the butterfly chairs slightly off-center from the marble hearth. Screw symmetry.

Did Louis Kahn put knit sweaters on his cats? Seriously, this is not comfortable and it makes me look pensive. It’s also a little tight, and it’s hard to reach my crotch.

I think you left the sliding door open today. I could be free. But, should I risk it? The last time I thought it was open, it wasn’t really, and I slammed my head into the glass. Where’s the dog? He doesn’t have any pride left.

Machine aesthetic, check. Glass table, check. Marble tile floor, check. Leather couch, check. Stainless steel accessories check. I’m going to poop in the middle of this open floor plan, check.

Modern Architecture embodies the optimism of the industrial revolution. I’m a cat. I don’t care about that. Move my litter box.


Jody { coffee with an architect }



photo from nosha’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)

cover photo from chiodachic’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)


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