Great Works of Architecture taken out of context

The English respond to the French with a desert – The Trifle tower

Because Napoleon liked the Black-eyed Peas – The Arch de she-humps

If moved to Portugal – The leaning tower of Siza

When designed by nerds – The hanging gardens of Babylon 5

If Egypt smack-talked – “Great pyramids of Giza”, or is it “the Greatest pyramids of Giza”?

When the Republicans talk about a balanced budget amendment – Washed-up-ington Monument

As directed by Federico Fellini – Hagia Sophia Loren

If Cronkite were thrown over a cliff – Falling Walter

If bears attacked the stream – mauling water

If you were to tell Polanski to use his cell phone to tell someone you just spotted Nicolas Cage in a brothel – Roman, Call, I See him

Opening for Nicki Minaj – Taj Mahal

Stacking 80,000 porcelain coffee mugs – Great Wall of China

After hearing that he had won the design competition, Jorn Utzon reportedly jumped up and down on a white leather couch – Sydney Oprah House

The stone rectangular slabs around that really nice chair – Barcelona Pavilion

Modernism using a cabbage – Villa Savoy

If Aztec trading cards were collected by 8 year old boys – Machu Pikachu

More than 20 years after an act of freedom was committed – Statute of Liberty

You meant to say “Parthenon” – Pantheon

I mean, you meant to say “Pantheon” – Parthenon

Why religion is so festive in Barcelona – La Sangria Familia

The one that was falling down – London Bridge

Ancient stone orifice – Great Sphincter

After inhaling paint fumes all day, Michelangelo was said to have asked Pope Julius II to “back that ass up” – Sista Chapel

After leaving San Francisco to move in with 3 sassy seniors in Del Ray – Golden Girls Bridge

After art deco skyscrapers fall out of fashion – Expire Stale Building

Often, the early pyramids were not as refined as later designs. The forms are more primitive and less elegant. I don’t think they are as good, really – Step it up pyramid of Posers

And, let’s face it, If we’re being honest – The White House



all photos of are of Hagia Sophia from Rich_Lem’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)