Architects need a good slogan

I’ve got it! Sure, we’ve been struggling as a profession lately. Yeah, the economy has hit us hard. People have needed to re-think their priorities, and Architecture hasn’t made the list. But, I think all we need is a good ad campaign. Am I right? A snappy slogan could be just the thing we need to revitalize this profession. Hell, we don’t need to restructure the profession to adjust to changing times. All we need is a good catch phrase. Am I right? I think I am. Get on this American Institute of Architects:

Architecture, we put the texture in the Art

Architecture, for when engineering is just not enough

Architecture, just like your mother said it would be, only more sad

Architecture, now with more glass

Architects shape the space that we use to do the things that we do when we go to that place

We do more Architecture before noon than you’ll do all year

Architecture, harder to spell than you’d think

Modern Architecture, stating the obvious since 1929

Deconstruction, because Arch in c reck at in that Derrida

Brutalism, because this will only hurt for a minute

Corbu tested, Mies van der Rohe approved

Architecture, If it’s good enough for the French….

Architecture, taking the forms to the streets, well…, it might be set-back a little, just to improve the view

Modern Architecture, that concrete slab next to the courthouse

Modern Architecture, what happens when the plaza runs out

Architecture, where the math geeks went to make their “Art”

The few, the proud, the Architects

The lonely cry of the mournful has been given physical form, by Architecture

Architects, removing all the things that remind you of home except for the disapproval of your loved ones

Architecture, recession proof since Sept. 2014

Architecture, now with 75% white men

Architecture, giving you less for more

Architects taking your idea and running with it until you tell us to stop

Traditional Architecture, classic designs, crafted by peer pressure

Architecture, keeping you ahead of the banks

Architecture, you know, buildings and things

Architecture, bed, bath, and beyond

Architecture, Scandinavian by passion, confrontational by design

Architecture, frozen music defrosted into Awesomeness

Architecture, we love the smell of angst in the morning

Architecture, if it ain’t Wright, it ain’t wrong, am I right?

Architecture, Now That’s a Piazza with Parking!



what do you think? Can you come up with a better slogan?



cover photo from ancient history’s photostream on Flickr. Libbey-Owens-Ford Ad from midcentarc’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)


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