Dear Design Studio

Dear Design Studio,

Why are you so cold? Do the maintenance people turn down the thermostat when they go home for the day on purpose to keep us lethargic? Are you hanging meat in here? And what is that sound? Is that ass in the art studio across the atrium banging an 8 foot by 12 foot wooden frame together at 3:00 am? Doesn’t he know I’m trying to listen to the Cure? And Jesus, I’m hungry. What’s that smell? taco bell? wait, no, that’s vomit… Maybe I’ll just have a coffee. I know, I was drifting off a bit, but, are you supposed to see the bottom of the styrofoam cup through this coffee? Is it tea? I think it’s tea… Can I have my dollar back?

I get it already, that’s enough with the concrete.

So, I was just walking down the stairs and this guy walking up the other way was singing that song from the pull-ups diaper commercial. You know the one? “I can pull them off and on….Mommy wow! I’m a big kid now…” Should I be worried about that? I was just walking downstairs to the restroom on the first floor, because you lock all the other restrooms at night, and I know it seemed like a good idea at the time, but a roof terrace is just asking for me to pee off it. And, is that a brownie in the corner? Please let that be a brownie.

I think a plan CAN be too open? don’t you think so, why is that 4th year student staring at my shirt? I know, it’s cold in here. I’m pretty sure I thought of a really great design concept an hour ago, but then this girl walked by and took off her bra from under her shirt without taking the shirt off, and I totally lost my train of thought. How do they do that? Crap, I lost my train of thought again, what was I saying about symmetry?

Oh yeah, thanks for the florescent lighting, and that bug smacking himself into it over and over again is a nice touch.

I need to get some sleep…, wait, what if I invert the forms? Oooo, I can pull the structural support shell for the 2 circular interior forms to the outside without disturbing the integrity of the exterior skin… yes.

Screw you design studio,




photos are from greekadman’s photostream on flickr (used under creative commons license)