The Ideal Client


The ideal client should have a highly refined palate, insist on the finest appliances, and not cook.

They should wear dark clothes, stand at the edge of the room, looking out the windows, considering the Architecture, pensively. They will appear “blurred” in all photographs, as if moving, and dynamic.

The ideal client should value form over function. unless noted otherwise.

The ideal client will prefer to stand, and be able to do so for long periods of time, without fatigue. There will be no furniture.

The ideal client should be tall, fit, and willing to shower on axis with whatever the Architect deems important.

The ideal client should value simplicity, and be willing to pay extra to acquire it.

The ideal client should work with the Architect, but know when to sit down and remain quiet.

The ideal client will understand the Architectural awards schedule, and modify the move-in date as required.

The ideal client will not “hire” an Architect, they will “request” an audience.

The ideal client will understand the difference between integral color concrete and stained concrete, and they will have a preference.

The ideal client will know that the words “minimal”, “modern”, and “contemporary” are not interchangeable, nor mutually exclusive.

The ideal client will speak only when spoken to, and they will have an exotic accent.

The ideal client will be able to prioritize the project requirements, and understand when the Architect rearranges these priorities.

The ideal client will prefer transparency.

The ideal client will want less for more.


Jody { coffee with an architect }



photos of Ando Tadao – Phoenix Island – Glass House from Cooky Yoon’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)