Real Architecture hangs in a Museum

Real Architecture hangs in museums.

Challenging the viewer. Bringing into question the status quo. Real Architecture is crafted from polymers and vinyl toys into the shape of societies resolve. But, it wavers, spreads itself about a stretched canvas of time and place, and reminds us of what we could have been.

Real Architecture wraps itself around the fabric of the city and insists on a contradiction.

It runs on a continuous loop in a bare room, repeating a single word at an imperceptible volume.

Real Architecture asks for change, recognizes patterns, and finds connections.

Real Architecture magnifies our imperfections until they stand in stark contrast to an ideal vision of humanity.

Real Architecture reflects.

and without asking…

Real Architecture hangs there, to be misunderstood by tourists and bored school children.



photos are from Jeremy Brooks’ photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)

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