Architectural Fortunes

As a creative person, I’m always thinking of new… “ideas”. Clearly, the Architecture thing is not working out. But, that’s cool, I’ve got plenty of other options that I’ve been working on in my free time. For example, in June, I should get the first run of my Architectural fortune cookies back from the bakery in China. I’m super exicited. Here’s a teaser of some of the sayings you’ll find inside the delicious cookie shells:

“build a man a house, and he may remain dry. But, build a man a home, and he will not need an Architect’s seal”

“A builder places bricks, though the Architect places blame”

“If taken literally, Architecture would not be taken at all”

“When times are troubled, the Architect remains vigilant, like the swan”

“A stone path leads to no Architecture without some gravel”

“this cookie was symmetric, until you broke it in half, by the way”

“A strong wind may bend the resolve of the Architect…..I guess”

“If order were easy, it could be explained within a cookie, but it’s not that easy, really, is it?”

“through heiracrchy the Architect will persist”

“Architecture is for lovers of Architecture, and/or other people too”

“Nice cookie, right? wanna hire an Architect?”

“A whistling Architect, is no Architect at all”


I’ll try to remember the little people when I’m rich. I promise.

By the way, I’ve also invented building moustaches. You know, when the building needs to be in disguise. Or, on the off chance that Tom Selleck wants to hire me again. More on that soon, I’m still working out the kinks.




photos are from Marie in NC’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)

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