An Architect’s Bucket List


So, before we die, as Architects, we all should:

Remove all the pencils, pens, Sharpies, Prisma colors, & markers from the coffee cups around our desk and the top 2 drawers of the desk, and arrange them in order according to hue, and size. Then take a photo of it.

Memorize at least one quote from Vitruvius.

Take a snapshot of Brian Dennehy leaving a Super Target.

Wade into the Indian Ocean, up to your knees, then go get curry.

Urinate in the alley behind the Guggenheim in Bilbao sometime around 2:00 am.

Then, send Frank Gehry a handwritten note, and a single white flower.

Spend a 3-day weekend watching every episode of Mad Men while drinking martinis.

Buy a dog, regret buying a dog, then give the dog to your cousin.

Tell people you went skydiving.

Make your own crop circle.

Fly to a former Eastern block country in a very small plane that serves pimento cheese-like sandwiches mid-flight.

Stand in front of Franz Kafka’s childhood home.

Lick Fallingwater.

Go to Paris, without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Wear every shade of black, at least once.

Write a sentence that doesn’t relate to a building.

Rest, completely, without thinking of your current, or next commission.

Design your own tombstone, make it a bench, so people can sit and enjoy the view. When it’s done, burn the drawings.

Tell your parents that you just wanted to do something amazing, and meaningful, and lasting, and thank them for giving you that ambition. Then apologize for being an ass for most of your youth.

Paint all the rooms in your house white. Every surface, including the floors. Not the windows, you’re not a pyscho.

Sketch an artichoke, sliced in half.

Stare at your own eyes in the mirror for 20 minutes.

Take a roll of tracing paper to a homeless shelter and give it to a man named “Tex”. Then run.

Go to your Grandfather’s farm. Remember something you see there.

Learn to ride a skateboard. Try to jump it onto a handrail in the public park in front of the library.

Break at least 2 locks while trying to get onto a roof.

Crawl through a crawlspace.

Lie on your back on a boat dock at night and look up at the Milky Way. Use vodka, as required.

Stand in front of Versailles, and shake your head slowly.

Build a wooden boat.

Tell a group of highschool students why you became an Architect. Be honest with them, but don’t freak them out.

Design at least one building that you don’t understand.

Stand in a space you designed, alone, and close your eyes.


Go live like you’re dying

Jody { coffee with an architect }


What did I miss? You can add your own in that comment section…




photos are from tpbrown’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)