Clowns and occupancy loads

There are things that don’t come in handy during intricate Architectural manuevers.

Like clowns.

They’d be in the way. Plus, they would also increase the occupancy load to 15 “people” per square foot which would mean you’d need two exits out of the bright red Volkswagon bug. Fortunately, there is no such thing as “intricate Architectural manuevers” That’s just a myth.

Like carbohydrates.

Also, not needed while performing Architectural techniques?…. umm, still Clowns. The big shoes? you’d need to make wider stair treads, which will increase the size of the shaft…..that’s right, I said shaft, Cause Ima bad mother *shut-your-mouth*.

Architects are afraid of Clowns. At least, I am. When I was young, my grandmother painted me a picture of a clown. I couldn’t sleep at night. So, I hung it in my closet.

This has shaped my Architectural career. It has also made me lonely.

Did I mention that clowns are unhelpful in Architecture?

Well, they are.




photos are from Keo 101’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)

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