Richard’s White

Hey, check it out. I’m not really sure, but I think that’s Richard Meier over there. It is! and, he’s trying to pick out a wall color. Ooo, this should be fun, let’s listen in:

Arctic White? – nah, too cold

Navaho White? – ummm, too native

Bright White? – too intense

Angst White? – maybe.

Jazzy White? – you’re kidding right?

Linen White? – too much texture

Dover White? –  too much Delaware

Brilliant White? – not bright enough

Hollandlac Brilliant White? too bright

Du Jour White? – too french

Pointing White? – too sharp and accusing

White Dove? – too many birds and soap

Winter White? – too nonspecifically cold

China White? – too diner-like

Ancestral White? – too many people have used that

Bone White? – too morbid

Moonlight white? – too romantic

Cotton Ball White? – too sanitary

Bavarian Cream? – too German, and too sweet

Simply White? – too obvious

Muslin White? – too ethnic

Muslin Navajo White? – too native and ethnic

Muslin Bone White? – right? Terrorism?

Empty white? – it just sort of lacks a certain whiteness doesn’t it?

Vast white? – too expansive

Aalto white? – too many A’s

Corbusier White? – too obvious, and French

Whitey White? – too racist

Distinct white? – too elitist

Prestine white? – too much pressure

Pure white? – too perfect

Minimal White? – not perfect enough

Off white? – seriously?

Very white? – closer

Polar white? – too much fur

Misty white? – too cloudy

Divine White? – too much of a Diva

Betty White? – too old and funny

McKim Mead White? – too much symmetry

Antique White? – Too many Corinthian columns

Ancient White? – too Egyptian

Unique baby White? – What? that’s just stupid

Super white? – a little comic book, isn’t it?

Pearly white? – reminds me of teeth

Oyster white? – not pearly enough

Sonic White? – too loud

…. I don’t know, show me the Angst White again…

Actually, I don’t think that’s Richard Meier afterall. Is he wearing an ascot?



photos are from Klearchos Kapoutsis’ photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)