He’s still the most interesting man in the room

He’s an Architect. He’s still the most interesting man in the room. Isn’t he?

If he were to talk of symmetry and balance you would find it hard to listen without averting your gaze, but then he would find it hard to gaze at you without averting his listening.

His sense of style has it’s own reservations at restaurants, although it seldom arrives on time, or within budget.

His turtleneck can make you feel inadequate as a man.

He doesn’t require you to abandon your own opinions, but this would be easier if you did, wouldn’t it?

He takes in every detail of every room he enters, almost instantly, and shares this information, almost never. You’d probably not understand anyway.

If he could be transparent he would be, but he isn’t, in case you were wondering.

His shoes are more expensive than your last month’s mortgage payment. They are also less practical.

He would take you on a tour of this building, if you were slightly smarter than you are.

He’s won an award for aloofness. He doesn’t like to talk about it though.

He is the life of the party, unless there are other people at the party, or the music is too loud.

He could point out the obvious, but… you know that, don’t you?

He has designed everything around you, except for the parts that make you feel uncomfortable.

He was once walked through the streets of Prague on the shoulders of adoring fans. They may have mistaken him for someone else, perhaps Johnny Depp. It happens a lot.

He’s well rested, with just a few hours of sleep. Sleep is for decorators, not Architects.

What he’s doing is more important than what you’re doing,

Actually, weren’t you supposed to be helping him? You should be working faster.

He imagines flatness, instead of not imagining flatness, which is what you usually do. I mean, you’re not imagining flatness now are you? No? That’s probably for the best, leave that to the professionals.

He is self-employed, in that he can only work for those he respects.

Because, he’s an Architect, the most interesting man in the room.




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photos are from Steve Punter’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)

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