How to draw a line

How to draw a line

Take the pen in your hand

Now, imagine straightness

Think of multiple possible connections

Imagine placements between separate points, and connections between

Take time

Hold a stillness within ink and move forward

but slowly

Visualize the end as you begin

draw, breathe

Represent, in linear form, a path of discovery

Mark the conviction of your ideals

And, use the least distance required between the present and the possible

Don’t veer, or sway

Fix your eyes on a distance realization

While gently rotating the pen in your hand


Without fear

Without regard to history

or precedent

or expectation

or loss

just invent a new line

A more eloquent separation between that which came before and that which may become again

Tighten your grip

Feel the gentle coarseness of the page

And move the pen towards a resting point


discover the distance between where you are and where you will be

And draw that distinction

and connect the points between

who you were

and who you will become


just use a computer



photos from Pylon757’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)