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After finishing my expose on the luxuries of Camp Corbu a few days ago, my mailbox here at Coffee with an Architect was flooded with glowing reviews of other Architectural themed camps. Who knew they were so popular. But, there it is. Kids love Architecture and Nature, especially when they don’t need to touch it. So, if Camp Corbu isn’t the perfect fit for your little one, There’s options. How about one of these?

I received this camp testimonial from the fabulous Tabitha Ponte at DS26 (on Twitter @DesignStudio26 and online HERE ). Just in case Camp Corbu isn’t angsty enough for your little bundle of symmetry. How about…

Kamp Koolhaas

Oh Remment… you’re too cool. No, not cool. You’re Kool. You’re King…. And, not an avocado.
Come join Kamp Kool Kids, KKK, and be a part of the third generation (maybe you’ll find yourself in a Metropolis magazine future “current issue”).
Kamp Kool is the birthplace of starKitects.
Kamp Kool has fostered the very unique Zaha & Laurinda, Joshua-Prince and my favorite of them all Bjarke.
At Kamp Kool you will learn not to construct.
You will find stairs that are not stairs, but ramps, that are not ramps, that are stairs.
You will perspectivize your every move, and might find Mies staring at you…
At Kamp Kool the green runs through and through…. and, not an avocado.
The Pritzker is $10 away.
Go on, call yourself a Baby Rem.
Pick up the manhatannism… and be on your merry way to potential altruism.
Join us for a very new Kamp Kool chant in español… y, no es un aguacate :

Yo AMO a OMA! Yo AMO a OMA ! Yo AMO a OMA !


photo of McCormick Tribune Campus Center from Andres Briones‘ photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)


Maybe Kamp K’s not your cup of tea. Maybe too much avocado? Not enough rigor and structure? Well, we received this write-up from the ultra-nice-and-talented Genie Bae (on twitter @EBArchDesign & online HERE ). So, how about….

Camp Mies

Is your child compulsively neat, organized and logical?  Did little Ethan (or perhaps little Jane) build  his/her Lego cities to be towering masterpieces of clean lines and plaza lined streets? Does Emma’s color palate lean towards black, white, and grey? Does young Aiden eschew artichokes saying they are over-designed and inefficient in favor of celery, the structurally minimal vegetable.

Perhaps your child is a candidate for Camp Mies, the camp for the modern, minimal child. Located in the heart of Chicago, Camp Mies offers a truly unique experience for children of urban-minded, progressive parents. At Camp Mies, your child will stay in world-class facilities designed by the father of Modernism, Mies Van De Rohe. Located on floor 15 of Mies’ iconic IBM tower, every camper will have their own 5’x5′, hermetically sealed room, outfitted with a leather and steel cantilevered cot, a complete collection of writings of Adolf Loos and enough bread and water to survive a Nazi invasion.

Your child will benefit from the kind of experience that only vast amounts of wealth can buy. Mornings will be spent tearing down neo-classical buildings to their structural bones in order to expose the hypocrisy of the old world order: covering up steel with plaster, gargoyles and fluted columns. For an additional fee, your child keep their hard-hat and sledgehammer from this life-altering experience and it will be inscribed with the camp motto: LESS IS MORE. 

Afternoons will be spent in a variety of activities including: sourcing the perfect green granite, learning to seduce your wealthy aging client/benefactress, knitting black wool turtlenecks and of course no summer camp is complete without some language instruction.  Our camp specializes in German inflected archispeak, at the end of which, your little Kendall will be able to speak of “gestalt, zeitgeist and paradigm shifts” with unrivaled fluency. 

The highlight of our campers’ experience includes a field trip out to the beautiful Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois.  There, the children will have the privilege of walking shoeless on the original wood floors and standing on the platform deck to declare at the top of their lungs “God is in the details!”  If weather conditions permit, the campers will also have the amazing experience of relocating Farnsworth House away from the flood plane using nothing but black leather straps left-over from the manufacture of Barcelona chairs by one of the camp sponsors, Herman Miller.

Camp Mies is a sister camp to Camp Corbu and is the natural next step after Camp FLW.  We assure parents that unlike Camp FLW, our facilities do not leak and there is no danger of sagging cantilevers here.  In the entire history of Camp Mies, there has only been one injury to a camper who burnt his left hand while setting fire to Daniel Burnham’s Plan for Chicago.  Since that incident, the administrators of Camp Mies have taken great care to supervise the burning of Beaux-Arts manifestos and we are proud to say, no such incidents have recurred.

Hurry and register soon for Camp Mies! A select number of scholarships are available to children of special talent and potential.



original artwork by Genie (I’d assume t-shirts will be available soon)


So, don’t worry, there’s bound to be a perfect camp out there for your little potential Architect. Somewhere… I know there’s still openings at Camp Venturi, but you need to start on the application early, I hear it’s complex AND complicated.

So, please keep those emails coming. I know, I’m always on the look out for the perfect summer experience for my little ones. And, I’ll be happy to post them all here for the benefit of my readers.

Well.., really, it’s for the children….



cover photo from FirstBaptistNashville’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license

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