You just can’t Corbu

<excerpts from the recently discovered Diary of Le Corbusier>

Feb. 13, 1954

Dear Diary,

Again! It’s happened again. I don’t think I can deal with it anymore. Why won’t they leave the designs alone? Every time, I swear, EVERY time, something comes up & I’m convinced or coerced or confused into making changes. It’s always something:

  • The gold lamé is too expensive, Corbu.
  • The imported chiffon won’t weather well, Corbu.
  • The glitter isn’t formal enough, Corbu.
  • Pink doesn’t convey an impression of authority, Corbu.
  • We’re not using gold leaf on the Brise Soleils Corbu, in fact we’re not using the Brise Soleils at all, we’re buying vertical blinds instead.
  • You can’t clad the men’s room walls in fur, Corbu, It’s not sanitary, it’s gross, and hairy.
  • You can’t use Italian leather on every surface, Corbu, at least not in the kitchens.
  • You just can’t Corbu.
  • You just can’t.

F**k  it, why do I even try? Every time, my vision is reduced to the barest oversimplification of the idea. And we’re left with just a concrete shell, a cold concrete frame reminding me of what could have been. If only, they would listen. If only they understood. Maybe the chapel in Ronchamp will work out better. Maybe they won’t cut out the lavender satin pulpits. Maybe…

Anyway, love you always and always, you beautiful flower…

Le C.



photos are from shaire productions photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license) – and they’re SO pink, and pretty

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