Architects at 3am

There’s a rumor floating around that Architect’s pull all-nighters. Especially while they’re in school. Apparently, we do our best work at 3am. The creative juices are just begining to flow; your design skills are at their peak. Seriously, at 3 am, you are on fire.

I’m not going to confirm or deny this rumor. Let’s just say:

  • At 3am I’ve left studio to go through a drive-thru-24-hour Wendy’s and ordered a “Biggie”. The distorted voice in the clowns head said “what” and I ordered a “Biggie” again. The clown head told me to drive forward. I’ve also tried to order raw chicken livers from KFC, because I wanted to go “fishin”.
  • There’s a historic church in downtown that caught on fire at some point and burned almost entirely to the ground. The only thing that remained was the steeple and the perimeter foundation walls. They saved the church, since it was an historic landmark. The City put a parking lot inside the remaining sanctuary space… Umm, let me say that again, The “City” put a parking lot inside the remaining sanctuary space. Around 3am we left studio to climb to the top ot that church steeple. I’m not in very good shape, I stayed on the sidewalk and leaned on a parking meter. 
  • There was a sign on the top of one of the buildings downtown that said “Chubb Life”. I think that was an Insurance company. Around 3 am we left studio and one of us broke the lock on the stair leading to the roof so we could stand between the b and the L and form a human “Y” – YMCA-Village-People-style so the sign would say “Chubby Life”. 
  • At 3am, I left studio to break into an abandoned 3-story Victorian house around the corner; possibly falling through the floor into the crawlspace, because I couldn’t see the giant hole in the floor right next to the window that I’d forced open. It’s also possible that I went to see a Village People cover band right after that. 
  • At 3am, I’ve gone to a Taco Bell and thrown up on my tray of burritos. And, as if that wasn’t embarassing enough, I did lose my glasses that night and had to call the Taco Bell the next morning to ask if they had found them. They said I’d have to come over and look through the lost and found box. When I got in my VW bug to drive over there, my glasses may have been on the dashboard. 
  • At 3am, I have written some “poem-like” things while drinking coffee and listening to the Art major in the adjacent studio bang together an enormous wooden frame to stretch his canvas over so he could paint a giant golden rabbit. He may have been dating someone I had a crush on. He’s a jerk, by the way, And that poem was AWESOME. 
  • At 3am, I have thought Garrison Keillor was funny. 
  • At 3 am, I left studio to go see fIREHOSE play. I waited around to watch them load their gear into the van after the show. Someone may have told Mike Watt that they “loved the Minutemen…Dude”, and thought D. Boone was amazing, and “it was just a real drag about that Van crash and all…, man”. 
  • And, around 3am one night in studio I heard “someone” yelling “Screw this…I’m freaking hungry, get me some steak and eggs and hashbrowns”. We may have nicknamed him “Hashbrown”.

Remind me again, What was I supposed to be doing at 3am? Oh yeah…Architecture. Right, I wasn’t doing that…. But, I did draw this:



Clearly, I do my best work at 3am.

So, what were you guys doing at 3am?




photos are from Liam Wilde’s photostream on Flickr (Used under Creative Commons License)