On a deserted island?

Lets assume you’re on a deserted island. Shipwrecked. Plane crashed next to Amelia Earhart. Somewhere in the Pacific. Small island. You can see from one side to the other. Not big. You might have a volleyball and fedex package. And coconuts, I’d assume. Maybe a stick to poke at fish. And some thatch (what the hell is thatch anyway?).

You’d need to get fresh water and find some food. Figure out how to open those coconuts. Try to trick a crab into walking into that bamboo trap you could make. Maybe it will rain and you can catch the rain drops on a big palm leaf or something. Your lips are going to be pretty chapped. Palm, balm? not really the same thing.

You’d need some kind of rope. You’re not going to have that.

Plus, It’s going to get pretty hot out there in the sun. You might need to make a shelter. Maybe a lean-to. You could use the thatch. Maybe you could Swiss family Robinson yourself a tree house with a water wheel.

Eventually, you’re going to wish you had a friend. Beside the likeness of Gilligan you painted on the volleyball. You should start being nice to the monkeys. And, stay away from the caves. The giant spiders are in there.

That sand is going to be freaking hot too. And there’s no TV. Or wine. Or Cellphones. Or hostess cupcakes. Or wine (did I mention that?) Or TV. Or sex (stop looking at the volleyball, he’s just not into you)

But, at least you’re an Architect…

ummm… yeah…

You should be fine.


all photos are from kwc909’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)

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