A few things I should not have said to Frank Lloyd Wright

A few things I should not have said to Frank Lloyd Wright

Is that Frank Llyod Wright over there? Ooo, Ooo, He’s unquestionable one of the greatest American Architects of the 20th century. He’s one of the early fathers of modernism. He’s an icon, really, and oh my Gawd, he’s standing right over there in the corner looking out the window. Is that a Cosmo in his hand? I’m going over to talk to him:

Um, Hi. Big fan, can I ask you…?

Was it cold in Louis Sullivan’s office? Is that why you stole his clients and quit?

How many houses do you need? And maybe pick a climate, cold, hot, humid, angsty, I don’t care, just pick one, you can’t have it all.

That’s cute, standing up on the column like that to “convince” the contractors those mushroom shaped column-things will hold the building up. I’m sure they’re impressed. Oh. Look…  they’ve moved the ladder away. Good thing that column’s well designed, you might be up there a while.

A hat, a cane, and three layers of tweed? Really, that’s what you’re wearing?

What’s  with all the indirect entries? Is this some kind of modernist exercise program? I don’t need a brisk stroll, I’m just trying to get from my car to the front door.

Right, I understand you’re not very tall. 5’8? Uh huh, sure you are. Just because you’re uber-short doesn’t mean the rest of us have to hit our heads. Raise the ceiling a bit Captain Low-Eaves.

It’s freaking hot in Arizona, what are you nuts? Those interns are going to kill you.

Taliesin AND Taliesin West, sure… why not?

Did you see that Harley exhibition at the Guggenheim? Awesome, right? I think Frank Gehry did it.

Ooo pointy. Is that a mile high skyscraper? That’s seriously cool. Too bad Donald Trump decided not to build it. How do you feel about Dubai?

So, I heard you drew Falling Water a few hours before the client showed up for the meeting. You knew about the meeting in advance right? I mean you had a couple of weeks notice right? Why’d you wait ’til the last minute? Is that why you put the house OVER the stream?

Hey,where are you going?

What? Yeah, I know, That could have gone better. I really thought he’d be taller. Can I get you another cosmo?



Guggenheim photo from Randy Pertiet’s photostream on Flickr and Falling Water Photo from Amaderson2’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)