More Architectural Terminology

I don’t get it. I’m pretty sure I’m using the right terms up here. We went over this before right? – (umm, HERE) . But, you guys are giving me that deer in a headlight look. Like the look my cat gives me when I talk about the importance of water conservation. I mean, where do you think the water in bowl comes from? Water fairies? No, it’s wiped from the sweaty brows of the workingman…

wait, where was I?

Right… I still don’t think we’re on the same page with our Terminology. I’m just trying to properly describe the building here, and I’m finding myself resorting to hand gestures. It’s very hard to fully describe the awesomeness that is my work with hand gestures. I just keep forming the letter “L” with my right hand and putting it on my forehead. Why do you keep giggling? It’s an “L” for “Linear”, my forehead clearly represents “thought”  Stop pointing and calling me “loser” 

So, here’s some more Architectectural Terms for you to study. Take your time, these are pretty hard. I’m an Architect, I know what I’m talking about (not really) :

Parti: (noun) – Gathering of 3 or more design professionals under the influence of alcohol, wherein the “big idea” for the project is formed.

Entablature: (noun) – Child-proof lids on top of Greek medication bottles, often decorated with acanthus leaves.

Balance: (noun) – The thin line between incorrect and profitable.

Mid-Century Modern: (noun) – The good olde days.

Post-Modern: (noun) – When everything began to get away from us, somehow…things just weren’t the same. Hey, is that a Michael Graves gravy boat? cool…, I love Target.

Linear: (noun) – Architecturally straight, not gay.

Neo-Classical: (noun) – New shit, same as the old shit.

Repetition: (noun) – Repetition

Radial: (noun) – emanating from the center, like a tire.

Served and Servant Spaces: (noun) – A rectangular house in which Lou Kahn resides on the 2nd floor and his maid isn’t allowed to leave the 1st floor. Also, the working title to a Robert Altman film.

Proportion: (noun) – The professional grade serving.

Golden Proportion: (noun) – The professional grade serving with … (oh never mind).

Modulor: (noun) -The manufactured home that Le Corbusier lived in.

Scale: (noun) – The hard segmental reptilian skin covering most architectural egos.

Articulation: (noun) – Fancy Architect designed nail polish.

Platonic: (noun) – Buildings that only want to be friends.

Fenestration: (noun) – The act of artfully arranging holes in any architectural theory.

There. Work over those for a while. That way we’ll be on the same page while I’m standing up here extolling the merits of this building. And, if you think you’re ready, here’s one for you to try. There may be a prize for the best definition (no there won’t) . Just add your definition in the comment section below. Here’s your word:

Interlocking: (noun) –




photos from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis from Foxtongue’s photostream on Flickr (used under creative commons license)

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