Band Names for Architects


Screw Architecture, where’s my telecaster? I think the Talking Heads had the right idea when they dropped out of Architecture school, bought some thrift-store casio keyboards, and started stalking Brian Eno. Seriously, who’s going to get more attention from the opposite sex? A sleep deprived, angsty idealist loner-type, or a sleep deprived angsty idealist loner-type with a guitar? …. Exactly.

“Talking Heads” Photo from Jlacpo’s photostream on Flickr (used under Creative Commons License)

So, I’m starting a band. A Black-turtle-neck-funky-glasses-wearing Architect Band. Just like Weezer, without the irony, or musical talent, or appreciation from Janeane Garofalo. Who’s with me? All we need is the perfect name….

Hmmm, how about?:


T-square and the parallel bars

T-square and the circle templates

T-square and the flop-sweat review

P-Daddy T-square

The Ando

The Adjustable triangles

The HighArchs

The Christopher Wrens

Christopher Walken

Bjarke Ingels

Finnish Exhibition

One and Twelve

The roof pitches

The Woolneck Sweaters

The Revits

The Gehrys

The Pritzker Prizes

The symetricools

Frank Llyod Wrongs


Lou Kahn and Velvet underground


Ok, that’s a good start, now if I can just get these 3 chords figured out and learn to gyrate my Elvis-Pelvis in a non-creepy way, I’m halfway there. So, let’s Rock out with our (*cough*) out!!!!

(full disclosure – I play the Banjo, so… this might not end well)

Feel free to toss a few of your own Architect Band names into that comment section down there. But, I doubt if you’re going to top “Christopher Walken”

Jody { coffee with an architect }

cover image “stack” is from Abrigenn’s photostream on Flickr  (used under Creative Commons License)