To Sanctuary

He’d find himself walking down the empty street towards the empty house again.

All photos are by Kevin Bauman from the 100 Abandoned Houses Series and have been used by permission. Visit 100 Abandoned houses – HERE to see more of these amazing photographs.

He’d listen to the music, and stand in the corners. He’d watch the people dancing, and blink his eyes against the pulsing lights. He’d keep drinking, because the cute girl with the tongue piercing would give him drinks. Eventually, he’d lean against the wall, or fall into people, or stagger towards a sofa, and a bouncer would motion to him and pull him outside into the cold air and the rain.

He’d rest a while. Then he’d start walking.

In the distance he’d see a dark figure pass.

He’d have no idea where he is. So he’d start walking aimlessly down the empty streets, walking down one after another, passing the same empty house, or a similar empty house, again and again. He’d stop to lean on a telephone pole and look at his phone. He’d squint and shake his head when his eyes couldn’t focus. He’d get wet in the rain. Maybe he’d sit on a stoop for a while and breathe heavily. He’d black in and out.

He’d need to close his eyes, but he really shouldn’t close his eyes, so he’d keep walking.

At the end of the street he’d pass again and again, would be an empty house with hollowed out eyes for windows. He’d enter the lot out of desperation, or exhaustion, or confusion. He’d push through the overgrowth and the twigs, and the branches, and the broken glass, and he’d step onto the porch.

And for a minute, his mind would clear. And he’d lean his forehead on the door and wonder what the hell he’s doing.

But, then he’d open the door and step inside.

After a few steps in, the rotted floor would give out and he’d fall 4 feet into the crawl space cutting the fronts of his legs. He’d open his eyes and see a dark form in the corner.

The empty house wouldn’t notice.


Happy belated halloween – J

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