Sometimes its better to say nothing

I’ve got nothing to say really.

And, I may be in the minority on that. My profession (Architecture) has become thick with opinions. Our buildings generally require the user to “understand” them. We’ve strived to follow our star-chitect leaders into deeper and deeper webs of metaphor and symbolism and intellectual structural feats of fancy. We’ve tried to reflect the complexity of society within every jamb detail. We’ve clad our civil unrest and economic turmoil in undulating titanium and painted our uncertainty in bright red plastic interiors. We’ve passed out awards amongst ourselves.

And, our eyes gleam.

All Photos are of Jean Nouvel – 2010 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in Hyde Park, London, UK From Diorama sky’s photostream on flickr – and are used under the creative commons license.

But, sometimes it’s better to be silent. Just solve the problems at hand. Work on your craft, and let other people worry about what it all means. Let society deal with the metaphors.

Stick to what you know. Do what you love.

Stay quiet.

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