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I got a new phone this week. One of those thin ones, with the touch screen thing and the apps & such. The guy at the phone store showed me the tab that you pull to remove the battery. “Don’t pull the tab all the way out” he said… That was the extent of my new phone lesson.

I should be able to figure this thing out, right? Things haven’t changed that much, right?

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vimeo Link to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop – Keiichi Matsuda


Technology is just a tool we learn how to use, isn’t it? – like a fancy coffee-maker (B-day hint). I mean, we don’t point our phones at buildings to scan them for the status updates of the occupants inside  (like HERE)? We don’t sync our gps coordinates to social media sites so we can navigate through our towns, and tell our friends when we leave a Wal-Mart?. We don’t use technology to accumulate virtual followers, fans, and friends. We don’t blog while we walk to work. We don’t read other’s blogs in the palm of our hands while we wait for the coffee to brew. We don’t IM and text, while we’re on skype. We’re not watching a dvr stream of the Closer while typing this post…

It’s not like we’ve augmented our reality with technology? Have we?

So, do I push this loose wire directly into my head or just hold it under my tongue?


All images and videos in this post are by Keiich Matsuda & can be found on his website HERE

Keiichi Matsuda is a freelance designer and film-maker. He began working with video during his Masters of Architecture at the Bartlett school (UCL) as a critical tool to understand, construct and represent space. Keiichi’s research examines the implications of emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment, focusing on the integration of media into everyday life. He has a multi-disciplinary approach to his work, using a mixture of video, motion graphics, interaction design, and architecture to create vibrant “hyper-real” environments where the distinctions between physical and virtual start to dissolve. Keiichi’s passion for architecture stems from its ability to connect design with philosophy, economics, technology and urbanism; combining these fields has led him to a specific interest in virtual environments and the spatial / social implications of emerging technologies.

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