In tunnels


Eventually, you don’t have another choice. You have to dig through the mountain.

I bet they’d built the road along the edge of the mountains for years. They took the easiest route, even though it was out of the way. They meandered along, using the indirect path. And, they made a scenic route. They tried to convince themselves that it was better that way anyway. After all, it’s a pretty drive. It’s a nice view.

Then the road stopped at the edge of a mountain and they had no choice but to dig through. So, they made a tunnel.

We always hold our breath as we drive through the tunnels. I turn on the car lights. I let the kids know we’re about to go in. and, they take a deep breath and try not to breathe until we get to other side. The radio goes out. The sounds change to a hollow echo. The noises from the cars seem to pulse off the walls. The lines on the road pass by in a simple rhythm. It gets dark. Time seems to slow…We wait.

Then we pass through to the other side of the mountain. And, we’re out of the tunnel.

Strange space really.