Frozen Architecture

I really think Architects should be influenced by something beside other Architects. It’s probably a good idea to swim outside the pool to look for new ideas, right? A cold, frozen, icy pool. I mean, we can’t all be Jean Nouvel. Besides, he’s French (or Swiss, or, whatever…), and you’re not. So cut it out. I don’t care how many perforated screens you use in that design, you’re no Herzog OR de Meuron.  So put down that copy of Arch Record, Cancel that RSS feed for Arch Daily, and stop looking to other Architects for new ideas. The new stuff is going to be somewhere else.

So, how about looking at Icebergs? They’re cool, right? (<giggle>–“cool” get it?, Cause they’re frozen water…)

I’m gonna go out on a limb here: Icebergs are cooler than anything Zahad Hadid ever did. Except this –>

That’s just awesome.


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