You should sketch everyday


I sketch everyday. I sketch to find things. To explore ideas. Or just to kill time while I watch American Idol. When I pick up a pen to draw, I never really know what I’m looking for. But, the act of sketching helps me find it. I’ve been doing it a long time. And, at this point in my career, I can’t think without drawing. Ask me a question that involves space, or form, or pattern,  and I’ll reach for a pen. I became an Architect (in some way) because I like to draw, I was always good at it, and, I’ve always done it. Over time, It’s become a way for me to flesh out ideas. I think there’s no better way to work through complicated patterns and inter-relationships. Plus, sketching is a way to explore the unknown, or that thing that’s on the tip of your fingers.  And it’s really not hard.  I’ve found that if you sketch enough, you’ll be able to just “draw” – without thinking, and see what happens. It’s like improvising in music. Yes, there’s a framework you need to learn. But, once you have it down. You can just sketch.  After at least 18 years of doing this, I’m constantly amazed by what I draw. Sure, most of it is crap. But, maybe some of it isn’t.

You should try it… Everyday.

It’s cathartic.

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